January 8, 2019

Prominent Ears

Our ears are like our nose have both aesthetical and functional value. The aesthetics of the ears doesn’t draw much attention except you focus on them, especially when women can’t change their hair style because of their ears. Ears plastic surgery is done mostly due to prominent ear condition.


The prominent ear condition happens when the ear is opened widely, and has few curves in it or no curves at all. We can’t change the shape of the ear as it is not affected neither by the sleeping position nor by mother’s womb. The best solution is to have an operation. This operation can be done after age of 6.

This operation is performed under general or local anesthesic by the help of some stitches in the back of the ear as we try to creat curves, by the plain eye from the front side we cannot tell if that person had had a surgery in the ear or not. The operation lasts for 1 hour. The patient will be asked to wear something like tennis band over the head for 4 weeks or any accessories that looks alike to hinder any movement of the ears and also to protect the plastic stitches from being cut. And just like that, you will get rid of the ears problem that you have been suffering from since your birth in only 1 hour. So this operation is considered to be one of the happiness sources for our patients.